The SysloSpicers.

Spicer Defined:
  1. (uncommon, historical) One who seasons with spice.
  2. That which adds spice or (figuratively) excitement.

From Middle English spicer, from Old French espicier, from Latin speciarius ("dealer in spices")

Robert Syslo Jr

Founder SysloSpice
Ranked as one of the TOP BUSINESS LEADERS to follow in 2021 by YAHOO FINANCE, Robert Syslo is a professional promotion and branding expert for over 18 years. Robert Syslo Jr has an extensive background in advertising, marketing, brand development and show distribution.

Kristina Tsvetanova

Managing Director
Featured in the International New York Times, BBC, CNBC as an innovation expert, Kristina provides the vision and strategy needed to create successful enterprise transformations. She helps many of Fortune 500 companies to reimagine the impossible, transform and provide best in class user experience.

Damon Perez

Chief Operating Officer
As Chief Operating Officer. Damon leads the company's activities across all domains and industries. Based on his executive training and operational management skills, he leads the company to increased sales, production efficiency, and enhanced team collaboration.

Sam Perez

Creative Director
Sam brings a depth of design and communication experience. With her work spanning across multiple disciplines and sectors, she knows how to build a digital presence that matters. Her knowledge in design, technology and brand identity brings a creative flair which companies desire.

Tyler Jaeger (Elevated Revenue)

Advertising Director
Tyler is the bespoke additive to SysloSpice. With his international experience in marketing and advertising, he  helps SysloSpice clients to Scale From 6 To 7 Figures and Beyond. Custom ads strategies combined with backend analysis and reporting define the path to successful campaigns.

Richard Gonzalez

Senior Developer
Richard directs the technology and engineering team members at SysloSpice. With his result driven work, he transforms every idea into a company asset that speaks the corporate language and generate revenues.

We are a diverse team of brand, creative & strategy minds. We transform designs and experiences.


Pieces of content produced, written, edited, created and promoted, across multiple digital properties and campaigns.


Clients lives enhanced by SysloSpice brand strategy and brand transformations, advertising campaigns and design.

Our purpose is to help corporations transform their digital presence into an effective avenue for driving sales and reach.


SysloSpice upholds the highest levels of business ethics for each project, client and interaction.


No matter the challenge, obstacle, or situation SysloSpice and team gets a product delivered everytime.


In the world of digital advertising, speed is everything. Speed to market means faster results, sooner.


Quality makes impact. Get ahead of the competition with bleeding-edge design and production.