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Swiss Jewelry and Contemporary Design Brought to the United States.

How do you launch an iconici Swiss brand into the US Market? SysloSpice was brought on board to forward their already thriving European business to advertising, create content, and market their Swiss product across the United States.

Get to Know Mood

About Mood.

Swiss Made | Customizable Ring | Inventive Design

It's in 2004 that the story begins with the launch of a ring with inventive design, which will quickly become characteristic. A simple steel ring welcomes, by a simple manipulation, a removable piece that gives its character to the jewel. Made in many variations, this central piece allows countless compositions. "Choose your mood", the invitation is given to the person wearing it to change the ring according to his mood! Cédric Chevalley, the designer who designed this jewel, had literally dreamed of it during one of his frequent journeys by train. He then put his talent as a creator and his ingenuity of jewels to transform it into reality. And once it was realized, the jewel immediately met the enthusiasm of aficionados, seduced by the infinite combinations and the possibility of making it a very personal ring by customizing it easily.
What Needed to Be Solved

The Challenge.

How to bring a successful product from Switzerland and launch it in the United States with the goal of tapping into the fashion and luxury markets.

Mood Swiss Rings was an already thriving business in Switzerland and across Europe with a following of over 80,000 on Facebook and a community of customers who proudly share their Mood Swiss Rings, the main question was how to successfully launch in the US Market. SysloSpice was approached for its unique ability to communicate any businesses ideas, language and concepts into an understandable and sellable format in the US Market. The unique approach of SysloSpice to take concepts that already are there and refresh them in the marketplace is the sole reason for Mood's reach to the company. SysloSpice's team combined experience in the digital space and marketing within the US provided the perfect blend of design, advertising knowledge, video creation and social media distribution to launch Mood in the US Market.

A Full Digital Assault

The Solution.

Social Media Advertising. Social Media Content Creation. Video Production. Script Writing. Copyrighting. Lead Generation and Automation. Audience Creation, Audience Tracking, Marketing.

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