A Digital Learning Platform that Standardizes Automotive Collision Shop Processes

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A Standardized Training System for Collision Repair Shops Across the United States.

How do you help a $130 million dollar a year organization standardize their automotive collision shop SOPS and sales? You build a training platform that takes the best of the best, market this platform internally throughout the organization, then open it up to every automotive repair shop across the United States.

Get to Know Key-Choice Collision Centers

About Key Choice.

Digital Learning Platform | Video Training | Standardization of Processes

Key Choice was created by a group of collision repair specialists who recognized the need for very specific training that members of their industry could otherwise not find. Since our beginning, we have focused on developing our own systems and creating product pricing systems for every geographic area we represent. Our “Request for Proposal” process addresses material costs and offers industry leading training (i.e. lean, SOPs, etc.), while our members have all excelled financially, with every shop experiencing large efficiency increases due to our self-directed training efforts. As an independent organization, we don’t follow anyone’s agenda, and we create our own direction based on the needs of our members at any given time. We have a highly trained and experienced group of paint technicians, metal technicians, office personnel, and management trainers to assist our member institutions. We strive to be associated with other high-performing shops in order to share ideas and best practices and to create a group that can experience rising sales, lower product and equipment costs, and continuing learning opportunities, including the best speakers and training available. Our national account status has given us the ability to create opportunities not possible with smaller groups or individual shops.
What Needed to Be Solved

The Challenge.

How to bring together collision repair shops under a standardized system of training that can be internalized and then sold across the United States.

Key Choice Collision Centers already had the numbers the statistics and the sales to prove their prowess. Their tight knit community allows them to help each store grow, prosper and flourish. With a shift in management it was time to figure out a way to standardize the methods from blueprinting vehicles, working with service technicians, sales and customer service for all repair shops in their organization. The idea of a standardized platform was already in the works however it was not moving forward. SysloSpice worked exclusively with Key-Choice by going on location in South Dakota and filmed over 130 videos in one day to build a standardized online training system that now sets the standard for automotive repair in their company and across the United States.
A Comprehensive Solution to Standardization of Processes

The Solution.

Onside photo shooting and team members interviewing was the successful base for the first of its sort Online Course in the Automotive collision industry. What is the content without a seamless user experience and Payment System Integration?  Advertising via Social Media and Web brought visibility and brand awareness unseen so far.

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