Canadian Collaborative Group Launch Infinite Banking

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Creating a Brand and Digital Presence with Heritage

Conventional wisdom and education about money leaves out key information which has been used by banks and the wealthy for years. The practitioners that make up our network will show you a new way to think about and handle money so you can utilize the Infinite Banking Concept in your own finances and become your own banker, creating wealth without worry.

Get to Know IB Canada Group

About IB Canada Group.

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IB Canada Group is a leading group of financial advisors in Canada, specializing in workable, wealth-building strategies that get results. IB Canada Group's authorized Infinite Banking practitioners know the pitfalls to avoid and show beginners how to become their own banker. IB Canada Group is not a company. They are a group of collaborating financial advisors. They are joined together by their knowledge and shared resources that they use to help their clients with tax-efficient strategies to make their money grow. They are authorized Infinite Banking practitioners and they work to pass their knowledge on to each of their clients to ensure they can attain their financial goals. Each of their advisors are dedicated to making sure you get the best options for wealth creation available, strategizing and working to get the best results possible for every client they work with.
What Needed to Be Solved

The Challenge.

How to build a brand identity which combines the flavor of the past and the digital future? IB Canada Group faced the challenge of bringing their vision into reality. Both digital marketing strategy and consulting were requested so that the team is set for success and outstanding performance in the Banking industry. Advertising and media presence was needed to outperform the competition in the marketplace. 
Claiming Market Share

The Solution.

After all needs in the digital space were identified, SysloSpice team built a new brand identity for IB Canada Group. A site that saw the light of day in just 3 days, fully equipped with ordering and payment functionality. Get the copy of Becoming Your Own Banker, the Infinite Banking Concept by the Bestselling Author Nelson Nash became ready for purchase. The next step was to equipt the IB Canada Group team with world class understanding about digital marketing and what is needed to be successful in the market place. These took place as virtual webinars organized by SysloSpice team.

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