Executive Branding Use Case

Advertising. Video Production. Graphic Design. Social Media.

$30,000,000 Company Owner, Brought to Life on Social Media.

A successful businessman, owner and founder of a $30,000,000 Construction Company, sought to create a name for himself on across social media. With zero presence online, Donovan’s aim was to inspire others and become known as an entrepreneur and forward thinker.

Get to Know Donovan Everett

About Donovan.

Business Owner. Executive. Entrepreneur.

Born and raised in a coastal town in North Carolina, Donovan has always had a passion for business and construction. Very early on, he started working with his father, going out to construction sites and was personally running and managing job sites and crews by the age of 17. By the time he graduate college, he was working in the construction department of a development company, running multimillion dollar projects for them as a project manager. Donovan then moved on to work for an international firm in Raleigh, North Carolina, continuing to manage multimillion dollar construction projects in all aspects. His success in the industry was due to the overwhelming drive, dedication to hard work and the passion Donovan has for excelling in his field and always pushing to get to the next level. At 32, Donovan decided to take his lifetime of knowledge and experience about business and construction and created DA Everett Construction Group. In the 7 years since then, Donovan has grown his company exponentially, doing over $29 million in sales in 2020. With over 20 years of experience in business, Donovan's mission is to give others knowledge and practical information they can apply to drive their success to levels they didn't even think were possible.
What Needed to Be Solved

The Challenge.

How to bring a successful business owner and daily executive to social media that has no brand, no identity and no digital presence?

Donovan, inspired by other successful executives in the marketplace set himself apart from owners in the construction space by having a clean office and professional presence. No one in the industry of construction promotes their personal brand or showcases themselves as a high-powered influencer. Donovan sought to change the status-quo within the construction industry and become the main leader of business, design and setting a new example in the space.

Starting from Scratch

The Solution.

Brand Creation. Brand Development and Awareness. Social Media Advertising. Social Media Content Creation. Video Production. Script Writing. Copyrighting. Lead Generation and Automation. Audience Creation, Audience Tracking, Marketing.

Donovan invested into everything digital. A fully designed brand, logo, website, social media profiles designed and branded from scratch. Advertising campaigns and brand awareness across every social media channel allotted Donovan a new position in the marketplace, so much so that he landed within the first day a meeting with a billion dollar construction company just from showcasing his new image. Donovan continues to advertising and scale his brand weekly with continuous campaigns and a steady stream of inspirational posts that drive organic leads and meetings with high ticket executives.